PCJ – Vicinity Motor Corp. Secures US$100M+ Purchase Order for 1,000 VMC 1200 Electric Trucks

“We are incredibly pleased to announce this transformational
milestone in Vicinity’s evolution as a leading commercial EV
manufacturer,” said William Trainer, Chief Executive Officer of
Vicinity Motor Corp. “Today’s PO validates the years of
innovation and development we have invested in expanding our
capabilities beyond transit buses and into the commercial truck
market. We have increased our credit facilities to accommodate
this order and I am confident in our ability to fulfill this PO on-
schedule in 2023.

“We started manufacturing this vehicle in Canada and expect to
shift to our new facility in Ferndale, Washington, which can
accommodate both buses and trucks, by year-end. Given the
simplified assembly of the VMC 1200 as compared to a transit
bus, Ferndale truck capacity could reach 10,000 vehicles per
year. Due to the fact we are not facing significant pressures in
the VMC 1200 supply chain specifically, the VMC 1200 will
prove to be a significant contributor to our 2023 revenue growth
and profitability – enabling our goal of creating sustainable, long-
term value creation for our shareholders,” concluded Trainer.
Ray Van Empel of Pioneer Auto Group added: “We continue to
see intense customer demand for class 3 commercial EVs, a
segment that was largely unfilled prior to the arrival of the VMC
1200. This purchase order is a clear sign of our confidence not
only in our sales capabilities at Pioneer Auto Group, but in the
superiority of Vicinity’s product. Given the wide array of federal
and province level incentives for the adoption of electric vehicles,
the VMC 1200 is truly a no brainer to buyers from a
financial perspective. I look forward to taking delivery of our first
VMC 1200 vehicles in the months ahead, assembled right here
in British Columbia.”

Is a Used Car Right for You?

If you’ve been considering getting a car, truck, SUV or van to replace your existing one, the odds are that you have many questions and items to consider already. However, one of the most prominent things on your list of considerations is probably whether or not you want to look at used cars or new ones. There are certainly some great benefits to owning a used car, but there are also some challenges which you must be prepared to face. Before visiting our lot to check out the excellent options of both new and used options available, consider the following to get an idea of whether or not used vehicles are the right option for you.


Depending on how old the used car you happen to select is, it may need a bit more maintenance than a brand new car. Regardless of how well-built a car is, parts wear out over time, leaving you in need of repairs and upgrades. However, this being said, repairs and replacements are likely to cost less than those performed on new cars, which is something to consider closely.


A great thing about used cars is that you don’t need to worry about them depreciating as soon as you take them off of your lot. This makes used vehicles an ideal option for anyone who’s purchasing a car for the time being, but who knows that they’ll want to upgrade in the near future. This way, you don’t need to worry about your ride retaining its value.


While price isn’t always the most important issue, it’s certainly something to be considered when making an important purchase of this type. If you’re working on a relatively tight budget, it may be a better decision to take a look at our selection of excellent used vehicles rather than going overboard on an entirely new model.

Deciding whether or not used cars are the right option for you is the first step. The first is coming to check out our excellent selection to find the perfect solution for your transportation needs.

How We Can Help You Improve Your Situation With a Bad Credit Loan

If you have fallen on hard times, made mistakes with your finances in the past, or been too afraid to make big commitments that could affect your credit rating, you aren’t alone. Although it may not be a topic that most people like to discuss, there are a significant number of individuals and families that are just like you and are trying to turn their financial situations around. Bad credit car loans are one way we as dealers can help you to do this, but it’s important that you take the appropriate steps to ensure that your loan helps your credit rating instead of doing more damage.

First, we feel the need to stress the important of finding the right lender. We are the best place to find bad credit car loans that you can manage because we tend to have more flexibility. You should be able to tell which of us are dealers that have real experience with bad credit loans by which of us have a better grasp on what you need and how to help you get it.

Once we have helped you secure a loan and reliable vehicle, you must be careful to make your payments on time. Late or missed payments can knock the foundation of your credit rating right out from under you. Staying on top of payments can help you later on when you are interested in refinancing to secure a better rate, and can make you seem more appealing to future lenders.

If you are looking into bad credit car loans, you should take the time to consider how you will make the loan effective. As a good dealer, we can help you get started, but your credit cannot be rebuilt if you lack the initiative or dedication to take the right steps. By choosing the right loan and by making your monthly payments a top priority, you can expect your bad credit loan to help you improve your credit rating and pave the way for bigger and better lending opportunities in your future.

Bad Credit Car Loans Can Help Secure the Right Vehicle for You

As most everyone is all well-aware, a reliable vehicle is an essential part of earning a decent living. Many find that the best jobs simply remain out of reach without dependable transportation, which can be particularly upsetting for those seeking to rebuild a previously shoddy financial history. That’s why it’s so important for consumers suffering from past financial instability to secure an appropriate loan best-suited to their current needs.

Fortunately, bad credit car loans can be ideal for those seeking to bounce back from bankruptcy filings that may serve to impede future purchases. Because obtaining a vehicle loan can be exceedingly difficult under even the best of circumstances, those with poor credit histories must take great care when pursuing a prospective financing. In many cases, bad credit car loans can entail exorbitant interest rates, which may result in even more financial turmoil down to the line for those striving to get their finances in order.

You don’t want to end up paying more than your vehicle is actually worth, which is why it’s crucial to be aware of all the available options before making any final decisions related to vehicle funding. Thorough research is key in this event, especially if you wish to avoid any loans accompanied by high interest rates. When seeking possible loan options, the internet can be a great place to start your search thanks to the abundance of helpful resources. These resources can serve as a guide during the decision-making process, while also allowing you to head off steep interest rates on your new vehicle.

Throughout your search you’ll be privy to the many different types of loan brokers out there, as well as things like term lengths and repayment conditions. Finding a good job is the fastest way to get back on you feet again, and you must have a trustworthy vehicle to get to and from work each day. To this end, obtaining the right car loan can be the first step towards creating a new financial future.

Find Your Quality Used Car Here

Shopping around for used cars is an exciting time for most people, but it can also be stressful and confusing. How are you sure to find the best deal? What if the car you’re considering has problems you don’t know about? Will you be pressured to buy a car before you’re ready? Fortunately, the knowledgeable staff at our dealership is qualified to answer these questions and more that you may have. We’re happy to walk you through each step of the used car buying process, whether you’re ready to make a purchase or just looking around for now.

What about pressure?

High-pressure tactics are one of the things that intimidate a lot of people looking for cars, even if they’ve bought a car before. Our sales team is against these types of tactics that only make potential buyers feel uncomfortable and give them a bad feeling about the car buying process. Instead, we want to make you feel comfortable and welcome at our dealership. We will spend the time to show you cars you’re interested in and answer your questions, but will never make you feel like you’re required to make a purchase.

Are our used cars reliable and in good condition?

Our experienced mechanics take great pride in the work they do on each car that comes into our lot. We never sell a car with known issues to customers – each vehicle on our lot is thoroughly inspected and repaired before becoming available, so you know you’re driving off with a car you can rely on. If on the off chance an issue does arise, we will do everything we can to make it right.

Come into our showroom today and ask us to show you around. We’ll be happy to give you a tour of the many quality used cars in our stock, as well as discuss affordable financing options. We’re prepared to answer any questions you have. You’ll soon discover why we’re known for making the car buying process enjoyable and easy for all our customers.

What You Need to Know About Bad Credit Car Loans

Many people end up with bad credit at some point. While you may be working hard to make your credit score excellent again, you may want to purchase a used car right now. Dealing with bad credit car loans is enough to frighten anyone, but by familiarizing yourself with the terminology first, you can be confident you are getting a quality deal.

Credit Rating

Your credit score is influenced by your previous purchasing history. You can learn what your score is from various credit unions. Ultimately, your score influences what the interest rate on a car loan is. Higher scores show that you have been more responsible with money, so you can qualify for lower rates.

Loan Term

The loan term basically signifies how many months you will need to pay a dealership until the vehicle has been paid off in full. Different terms can be available. For example, you can agree to pay more every month and the overall term will be shorter. Conversely, you can agree to stretch bad credit car loans out if that would work better for you financially.

Down Payment

Most dealership, will require you to provide a down payment. This means you offer a certain amount of money now in order to show you are serious about eventually paying off the car in full later. We have zero down options.

Extended Service Contract

In addition to buying the used vehicle, you may also want to think about getting extra add-ons. An extended service contract is basically a warranty that comes with your vehicle, ensuring that it will continue to function optimally for a given amount of time.

You should never feel lost when you are in negotiations for bad credit car loans. Understand everything you are reading on a contract, so you do not end up agreeing to something you do not fully comprehend.

Buying Back Good Credit With a Used Car Loan

Financing a quality used car through a reputable used car dealer can be a great way to improve a lagging credit score. A low credit score can sometimes make it seem difficult to purchase a vehicle, but there are options, no matter how low a credit score has fallen.

Credit scores fall due to many reasons. The best way to raise a falling score is with good positive payment reporting on a credit account. It can be very difficult to get that credit account with a low score. There are very few credit products available to those with low credit scores. Most banks will require a security for loans to anyone below a certain credit threshold. In most cases, these secured loans will not positively affect a person’s credit score, no matter how diligently payments are made.

One solution is with a quality used vehicle. Used car dealerships often have relationships with many lenders and can easily handle both the purchase and the financing of your vehicle in house. Often they work with lenders who specifically assist those with low credit scores in purchasing a vehicle.

These types of car loans may require minimum down payments or cost a little more over the life of the loan, but they have two major benefits for the lower credit consumer.

Firstly, a low credit car loan through a lender that a car dealer has a good relationship with may allow an individual to purchase much need transportation which would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Secondly, and more importantly, even though these loans may cost a little more over time, these lenders work with credit reporting agencies, reporting on-time payments and helping raise a credit score over the course of the loan.

With on-time payments, the slightly higher fees associated with a low credit score loan through a quality used car dealer allow a consumer, essentially, to “buy back” a good credit score.

Maintenance Tips To Help You With Your Car

If making decisions about your automobile maintenance sometimes feels a bit daunting, you are not alone. But there is a fairly standard, yet helpful thought that you should know about car service: maintenance tips you should know are normally found in the car manual that comes with the used car. It will let you know the factory recommendations on when various fluids should be changed, and even tips on how to monitor fluid levels. It will also let you know the tire pressure that is best for your used ca, and when the brakes on your specific vehicle ought to be serviced.

Here is another important aspect of car service: maintenance tips you should know regarding the life of your tires are extremely important! Following recommendations can ensure your vehicle is safe to have on the roads. It is beneficial to know the guidelines on when to get new tires. Do not wait until somebody visibly notices that your tire has a bulge, a bald spot, or even thin tread. The truth is that if any of those things were obviously visible to somebody just happening to glance at them, you would already have a potentially dangerous situation.

Educating yourself about the projected life of your tires is a proactive move. Keep your documentation when you get new tires and be aware when you are approaching the maximum mileage suggested. Tires should be replaced according to age and miles used, not necessarily the tread. This is important for you to have the safety that you want. It is easy to forget about car parts that are easy and inexpensive to replace!

Consider this when you are planning car service: maintenance tips you should know about your windshield and windshield wiper blades are for your protection! It is not advisable to let cracked windshields go unfixed as the crack could travel into your range of vision. Windshield cracks and worn wiper blades can distort your view and make driving less than safe. When it comes to windshield wiper blades being worn or missing, don’t forget that their replacement is one of the cheapest and easiest services you can get for your car’s safety. Give your used car a new pair today!

Buying a Used Vehicle with Poor Credit: The Basics

There are many reasons why you might find yourself dealing with a poor credit rating. Illness, the loss of a job or other unexpected events may cause a serious drop in your credit score, which can make it difficult to get financing for a used car. However, there are ways you can secure bad credit car loans, and we’d like to give you a few tips for getting started and what to expect.

Understanding Poor Credit Car Financing

Before you seek out non-traditional car loans due to your poor credit, it’s wise to understand how these loans differ from one you might receive from a bank or large financing company. Bad credit car loans are usually offered by used car dealerships and have a variety of interest rates. These rates might be higher than ones offered to those with better credit, but you can always compare what different dealerships offer you before you decide.

What to Expect at the Dealership

When you visit a dealership that offers bad credit car loans, you can expect loan officers to work closely with you to understand exactly what you can afford. They may pull your credit report, but not all lenders judge your ability to pay simply by that number. If you have steady employment and are working to repair your credit, that may be enough to secure a loan.

Loan Terms

If you have poor credit, you may be offered a long-term loan that can help lower the cost of monthly payments. The length of the loan may vary with dealerships, but some can extend up to five years. If you accept one of these loans, make sure you tell the loan officer exactly what you can afford in terms of payments and whether you will have the option to refinance in the future, if your credit permits.

Having poor credit can make it difficult to secure a used car loan. However, when you understand the basics of bad credit car loans and how they can benefit you, the road to financial growth may be easier to navigate.

Auto Loans

The joy of buying a used car is often overshadowed by financial difficulties. Sometimes a person’s budget simply does not allow for this type of investment, and dealerships are sympathetic to this problem. They are able to offer auto loans to people who are incapable of making the full payment on a vehicle. By allowing them to payoff a car over an extended period of time, loans supply people with greater ease and satisfaction. ​

Monthly installments are common with financing of this kind. By dividing up the payments in this way, the dealership is compensating for any financial struggles that may arise for their customers in the future. People also have the added convenience of working with only one location; the place they bought the vehicle is the same place where they obtained the loan. Dealerships usually have extended hours, so communication between themselves and their customers can remain strong. ​

There is also the chance that people encounter no problems and actually payoff their vehicle early. In the event that this occurs, they may be able to greatly improve their credit score and redistribute the money saved toward the payment of other financial investments. ​

Unlike other finance establishments, there are a wide variety of programs available to people that get auto loans through a dealership. There may be specific requirements needed in order unlock the benefits of these programs, but for those who qualify, there could be many rewards accessible to them. ​

With so many different ways to obtain auto loans, many people find it difficult trying to determine the best option. However, there is great convenience associated with obtaining financing from the same location that a vehicle was purchased. Strong communication is enabled between the dealership and the customer, and there are numerous programs attainable with this option as well.

Dealers want to see their customers satisfied, and they will assist them in financing their vehicle in order to make that happen. ​